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Sativa | Flower 3.5g
General | 25% THC

$30 $19.50

Dessert Runtz

Live Hash Rosin 1g

$60 $48

Gorilla Glue

Sauce 1g

$35 $24.50

Grape THC Gummies

(30) 10 MG Gummies. 300 mg.

$35.00 $22.50

Strawberry Mimosa 1g

Sativa | Cartridge



Disposable Cartridge 1g


Peach Mango

Indica | Hash Gummies 100 mg


Oreoz Badder

Hybrid | Concentrates 1g



Galaxy Bar 500 mg

Milk Chocolate/ Peanut Butter Cup/ White Chocolate

$45.00 $33.75

Jolly Bites 350 mg


$60.00 $45.00

Sour Kush Sauce 1g

Sativa | Concentrate

$35.00 $21.00

Sour Diesel 1g

Sativa | Cartridge

$40.00 $20.00

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When consuming medicinal marijuana for the first time, the variety of products available may be overwhelming. In order to assist patients in finding a solution that works, Cannabis Experience will do all possible to support you. 

Our educated staff can help you select a method that delivers the desired effects by describing the variations between each strain and product. We delight in observing how our goods enhance each patient’s health. You may rely on our medical marijuana caregiver to make sure you get a choice you’ll adore. 

To get started, inquire about our cannabis services in and around Lincoln & Bangor, Maine.

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Why Use Medical Marijuana In Lincoln & Bangor, Maine.

Are you unsure whether using medical marijuana is best for you? For many years, we have been offering patients high-quality products. We provide solutions to assist with a variety of issues, from stimulating sativas to soothing indicas and everything in between. Success with issues like stress, trouble sleeping, poor energy, or aches and pains has been reported by our patients. We’re sure you’ll discover a medical marijuana product you’ll adore in our collection. 

Give us a call today to speak to one of our skilled medical marijuana specialists to learn more about our goods or services.